The world is FULL of
digital landfill

This waste is bad for our emotional wellbeing, our customers' budgets and the planet. Waste is the enemy.


We’re not into that.

And it’s not just doing what you believe, it’s how you do it.

We’ve got 3 things that we stick to in how we treat ourselves and anyone we work with

Culture really does eat strategy for breakfast. Many of us have worked in successful businesses where this has been taken seriously and we've seen how it benefits employees, clients and partners.

Be The Rock

Not like Dwayne Johnson, although we do like him. No, just say what you’re going to do and do it. Seems obvious but by sticking to this, we run a tight ship and customers get the good stuff.

Trust & Embolden

This is about a fearless environment. We bring all of ourselves to work, trust one another and that’s why we do a great job and have fun while we’re doing it. Customers get no bullshit and bluster and, as far as our research shows, there are no rules forbidding fun at work.

Blaze a Trail

Insatiably curious and intellectually humble. We believe in the scientific method (the world needs more of it) and we’ll always try out new stuff to do the best possible work. To be honest, this is the fun bit and if you’re not doing it, seriously, why bother? Customers can expect freshness, always.

Management team

Ian Forrester


Barney Worfolk-Smith


Dan Best

SVP Clients

David Waterhouse


Mitch Eggers

Chief Scientist

Eli Drake

Head of Data Science

Alejandro Reinel

Director of Engineering

Bridget Leonard

Global Insight Manager

Mohika Thampi

Global Insight Manager


Rob Sherlock


Dan Bernardo


Carolyn Taylor


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