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Imagine a world where

🦩 You can easily and affordably test everything, as well as deep dive on that hero content.

🦩 You launch social and creator posts that you know will be effective.

🦩 You have a Creative Effectiveness engine, constantly improving your performance.

(Oh, and let’s not forget about being able to spot that stray bit of creative which could take chunks off a share price. 😨 📉)

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Well, that’s what DAIVID is bringing

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How does it work?

We’re constantly training DAIVID’s AI using good old-fashioned human responses.

AI is the co-pilot, doing the heavy lifting and making creative testing affordable so you can identify and fix problems. You’ll know…

Are they paying attention?

What emotions are they feeling?

What's causing those responses?

Just a few flamboyant friends...

...who are harnessing DAIVID’s #CreativeEffectiveness at scale to address the real challenges of modern advertising

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Plenty more detail about #CreativeEffectiveness over on DAIVID's LinkedIn page.

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