AI-powered advertising research platform DAIVID expands into Japanese market through partnership with ADK Marketing Solutions

LONDON, TOKYO -- February 25, 2022 -- Content optimisation platform DAIVID is expanding into Japan. The UK company today announced it has partnered with ADK Marketing Solutions in a deal that will give clients of the Japanese ad agency access to its suite of AI-powered content testing solutions.

25 Feb 2022

DAIVID helps brands and agencies maximise the effectiveness of their ads using emotional AI. The creative measurement platform uses a suite of advanced technologies – including facial coding, eye tracking, computer vision and a pioneering emotional categorisation called the ‘DAIVID 39’ — to advise advertisers on how to optimise the emotional impact and attention generated by their ad campaigns.

ADK Marketing Solutions will incorporate DAIVID’s content optimisation solutions into its ADK Connect suite of products, providing brands with end-to-end support across the whole of the marketing funnel. ADK Connect comprises a unique approach to marketing that improves customer lifetime value over and above conventional brand recognition and image building campaigns.

The ad research platform is also planning on publishing a strategic analysis of the Japanese market to support the launch. This includes a joint research project that will use DAIVID’s AI-powered technology to measure the different emotions and attention levels of Japanese consumers as they watch video ads and what impact they have on various business and brand metrics.

The purpose of the study is to determine a norm unique to the Japanese market, enabling advertisers to easily see how their content compares with the rest of the market and establish which emotions are the most effective in Japanese advertising.

Takehiko Hakuta, Vice President of ADK’s Experience Design Center, said: “DAIVID brings something new and fresh to the Japanese market, which is really exciting. The company’s unique approach and innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionise the content testing process in Japan, giving our clients a much richer, data-driven understanding of how different types of content can drive audience attention levels and emotions at scale.”

Ian Forrester, CEO and founder of DAIVID, said: “I can’t wait to work with the brilliant ADK team, helping their clients supercharge the effectiveness of their ad campaigns at scale.

“As we continue to scale our AI testing platform around the globe, it’s crucial we have partners who not only have the know-how and influence to help us get to the next stage in our development as a company, but also share our vision in harnessing the power of AI to drive a greater emotional connection between brands and consumers. So, I’m excited to partner with ADK, who is the perfect partner to help drive the adoption of our tech around the world and accelerate our growth within the key Japanese market.”

DAIVID is redefining the ad testing process. Within the next few months, the London-based company plans to replace human panels in client tests with an algorithm that predicts human attention levels and emotions — significantly reducing the cost and time it takes for advertisers to measure the expected impact of their ads.

Its predictive algorithm is being built by layering multiple techniques and technologies to achieve the deepest understanding of the connection between creative devices and video performance.