MediaCom launches creative analytics to drive creative performance

LONDON -- November 23, 2021 -- MediaCom is launching Creative Analytics, a new global capability designed to give greater insight into future creative performance across programmatic display, search, social and video.

23 Nov 2021

A flagship innovation from the agency’s new Creative Systems global division, and one that will be made available to all WPP agencies, the launch builds on two years’ investment in creating a leading-edge Creative Analytics capability.

Creative Analytics will provide clients with more effective digital campaigns by enabling clients to optimise both creative and media decisions. The capability has already been run with a number of key MediaCom clients. The results show it can improve digital performance by up to 50%, reducing creative wastage in social, improving creative layouts for DCO, recommending creative territories to boost rates of engagement and, where enough historic creative data is available, predicting success in advance of launch.

Led by Tom Saunter, Global Head of Creative & Media Technologies, MediaCom Creative Systems, Creative Analytics now has five global centres of excellence located in Singapore, New York, Warsaw, Moscow and London, where teams of data scientists are working to convert creative data into insight using advanced modelling techniques.

As part of the launch, Creative Analytics will also be first to market with DAIVID – a new AI platform that will add predictive attention and emotional response data into the Creative Analytics predictive performance and campaign optimisation models.

Saunter said: “As an industry we have been primarily focused on media optimisation. The incremental gains from tweaking a digital algorithm are nothing compared to the benefits of making a high-quality piece of creative more relevant to its audience. Creative Analytics will be increasingly focused on extracting high quality creative data that tells us what works creatively, what doesn’t, and why. Our AI-assisted methods are already transforming creative and media performance significantly and we’re really excited to add DAIVID’s attention and emotional predictions to provide a completely new source of creative insight for our clients.”

DAIVID’s predictive algorithm uses a combination of advanced technologies, such as facial coding, eye tracking, machine learning, computer vision and pioneering emotional categorisation, through DAIVID 39TM, to help advertisers optimise the impact of their creative and media strategies at scale.

Ian Forrester, Founder of DAIVID, said: “I’m delighted to be working with MediaCom’s incredibly innovative team, who have an intrinsic understanding of the drivers of advertising effectiveness. We’re very much looking forward to working together to harness the power of attention and emotions for some of the biggest global brands as part of the Creative Analytics toolset.”