UK Election: Which Political Party Has Created The Funniest TikTok Videos (So Far)?

Bored of the UK General Election already? Don’t worry, we have you covered. With weeks still to go until polling day next month, we thought we would bring you some much-needed light relief by revealing the funniest campaign TikToks so far. Photo: Sky News

Barney Worfolk-Smith

Barney Worfolk-Smith

12 Jun 2024

Let’s face it, we could all do with a laugh right now. With July 4 feeling like a long way away, the UK General Election is really starting to drag.

So with TikTok emerging as a key battleground for the hearts and minds of UK voters, DAIVID has run research analysing the content each of the main political parties are posting on the social platform. You can read more about it here.

Many of the parties are using TikTok as a way to poke fun at their political rivals? But which party has created the funniest content?

Well, our research – which includes measuring the emotional reactions of almost 1,000 UK voters to each of the parties’ digital content – found that the Labour Party’s TikTok channel was the one most likely to make people laugh out loud overall.

According to our study, the average video posted on Labour’s TikTok channel made 18.5% of viewers laugh out loud, putting it ahead of the Conservatives (16.8%) and the Lib Dems (16.5%) in second and third respectively. So if you are looking for funny political TikTok videos, Labour should probably be your first port of all. 

But which individual video was the funniest, I hear you asking? Well, wonder no more, behold the funniest TikTok videos of the election campaign so far. So, sit back and relax and enjoy.

It will all soon be over.


5. Labour: Rishi Sunk – made 22.4% of viewers laugh (LINK)

@uklabour Rishi Sunk #generalelection #ukpolitics #rishisunak #ukelection ♬ original sound – UKLabour

4. Labour: Big Short: Rishi Sunak – 23.1% (LINK)

@uklabour The Big Short: Rishi Sunak 🛁 #generalelection #ukelection #ukpolitics #rishisunak #ukcomedy #toriesout ♬ original sound – UKLabour

3. Conservatives: Labour’s Biggest Policy Announcement Was A Stolen Logo – 24.3% (LINK)

@ukconservatives Labour’s biggest policy announcement was a stolen logo. #ukpolitics #generalelection #labour #uk ♬ original sound – Conservatives

2. Conservatives: We Think The Punchbag Won – 26.4% (LINK)

@ukconservatives Replying to @rūman Fancy our chances tbh 🫣 #generalelection #boxing #keirstarmer #uk ♬ original sound – Conservatives

1. Lib Dems: Are You In Or Out? – 28.4% (LINK)

@libdems Are you in? Or are you out? 🫡 #GeneralElection #ToriesOut ♬ original sound – Liberal Democrats



DAIVID’s UK Election research was created using the company’s suite of content testing solutions, which uses facial coding, machine learning and survey responses to measure people’s emotions while watching online content. They are then categorised through the company’s proprietary DAIVID 39 framework – created using the world’s most advanced academic studies on emotions. Altogether, a nationally representative sample of 900 respondents took part in the study, watching 36 General Election videos posted on the TikTok and YouTube channels of the official Conservatives, Labour, Greens, Lib Dems and Reform parties.